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First and foremost, welcome to my website. I’m ecstatic that you’re here. My name is Lorrain Allen a.k.a. Trigger Queen. I reside on the East Coast with my spoiled rotten son. For now, it’s just him and me, but one day I hope to become the proud owner of several fur babies—cats in particular. My favorite pastimes are sleeping, eating, reading, and writing. I know it’s a prerequisite for authors to live off coffee, but I rarely drink the stuff. I’m not a fan of alcohol either, though I may have a mimosa or wine cooler every now and again. Don’t judge me, lol.


If you love dark romance that makes you squirm, question your sanity, and have you screaming WTF throughout the main character’s entire journey, then you’re in the right place. Mostly anything goes in my books and aren’t for the faint of heart. I absolutely do not believe in censorship. Adults should be able to enjoy their choice of literature without judgment or condemnation. With that being said, I do not condone the actions of my characters or the themes featured in my books in real life. My books are purely for entertainment purposes only.


I’ve been an avid reader for over a decade and published my first book in August 2019. While my focus is nontraditional dark romance, I plan to pen contemporary, erotica, rom com, young adult, and paranormal romance novels. BUT dark romance will always be my first true love. The forbidden and taboo are my Achilles’ heel. I revel in breaking boundaries and providing jaw-dropping stories with toe-curling spice.


Dark romance is an important part of the literary world. It’s a coping mechanism for many individuals with existing and/or past traumas. Furthermore, romance novels in general allow readers to explore their sexuality. Oh, and one more thing; my antiheroes are not redeemable. They remain psychotic alpha assholes from the beginning of the story until the very end and beyond. There is no epiphany or redemption for them. Lastly, and this goes without saying, my antiheroes will always have orgasmic-inducing, cervix-bumping huge mandingo dicks. You’re welcome 😉

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