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My life is in shambles.


I’m stuck at a dead-end job, live in a crappy apartment, and barely make enough money to survive.


I need a change asap.


Just when I’m at my wit’s end, a friend tells me about Elysian Fields; an exclusive fetish company, catering to the wealthy.


There, anyone with a fat purse can have their wildest fantasies brought to life; no matter how extreme the kink.


I wasn’t prepared for Midas Donahue.


He’s quiet, brooding, and demanding.


His true nature is hidden from the world, but I experience his taboo inclinations firsthand.


For seven days, he’s granted unlimited access to my body.


I’m subjected to the filthiest atrocities imaginable.


I was disgusted… until I wasn’t.


My name is Reagan Delaney, and this is my story….

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