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There is a slight formatting issue with spacing, but the minor error doesn't take away from the enjoyment of the story!


Dominic Stone

I don’t have the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other battling for ownership of my soul.

The devil occupies both, continuously whispering in my ear, stirring me towards darkness.

A challenge too tantalizing to bypass appears in the form of twenty-year-old Pepper.

She’s too young, too damn pure for the likes of me.

Pepper becomes my prey—I stalk her and gather information to orchestrate her downfall.

I’m surprised to learn she’s not as innocent as she seems.

We embark on a series of passionate encounters, each one more intense than the last.

Her descent from grace will be swift, then I’ll leave her where she lands.

Pepper Bryant

My father always told me to be aware of wolves in sheep’s clothing, but this wolf wore an expensive suit.

Being raised a devout Christian, I’m innocent in the ways of men.

That changes when I meet Dominic.

His goal is to corrupt me, and he uses every weapon in his arsenal to succeed.

When he learns of my dark secret, the mind games begin.

He tests me, plays with me, pushes me, but still he wants more.

He’ll only be satisfied once I fall at his feet, broken and damaged beyond repair.

*This is NOT a BDSM book. Dom and Pepper have their own uniquie relationship.

This is a standalone book.

Consumed: A Dark Stalker Age Gap Romance

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